Customer experience management solution for improved customer loyalty and campaign effectiveness

The Acumi™ solution for customer experience management is a cloud-based collaborative model in which customers and companies can engage in collaborative self service capabilities. This enables customers to receive accurate answers and get the most out of the products and services they are buying.

The Acumi solution will provide continuous feedback on what information is most important for customers, as well as what information is not clear, concise, correct or available on the self service site.  It can even help companies word the information in a way that resonates with their customers, based on the customers’ perception and feedback. The benefit is an improved customer experience that allows for quick and easy answers that are accurate and informative, resulting in higher customer loyalty and additional revenue per customer.

Analytics should be more than the story of the past; they should help you see the present and anticipate the future clearly.


Improving customer loyalty

Customer experience managementDo know the real reasons your customers choose to make repeat purchases?  How do you gather all the information your customers are putting out on social media about your products or services?  Acumi will be your ear to the social ground, combining with your known sources of customer data and providing you with insights into what your customers really think about your products and services.

As an example, a cruise line was trying to understand why a particular route was not performing well. The internal information was leading to concerns around food. However, after Acumi gathered customer comments from the various social media channels, it was discovered that the real issue was the housekeeping services.

Enabling customer to get answers quickly

DataSkill has heard from many customers over the last 30 years about the difficulties in finding the right information from a vendor quickly and easily.  You need a solution that can continuously gather and stream information about your products and services into a centralized system, which your customers can then ask relevant questions and get accurate answers.

Increasing effectiveness of marketing campaigns

One of the biggest customer experience challenges is changing customer perception of your company, products or services. How do you create a marketing program that resonates with generic categories of multiple market segments?  What works is to create a marketing message that is tailored to the various market segments, audience and profiles.

Acumi detects the uniqueness of each individual and tailors the message to the language that would resonate best for him/her. The result is that your messages are consumed at a higher rate with an increased responsiveness to your campaigns.