Insurance fraud management solution


The Acumi™ solution for financial services is a cloud-based collaborative model in which customers and companies can engage in comprehensive service and social platform to notify insurance companies of potential fraudulent activities and patterns. This platform allows insurance companies to be proactive in preventing fraudulent claims, as well as find patterns in partners that may be working the system detrimentally. The benefit is reduction in fraud and overall costs.

Insurers are common fraud targets for healthcare and automobile industries. Insurance companies need technology-driven systems for underwriting and claim evaluation.

Today, fraud fighting programs generally examine claims or transactions one at a time. This approach only addresses the least sophisticated fraud schemes. The key is to look for patterns that are focused on activities, rather than just the basic claim information.

Acumi could be your alert system for identifying potential gaps in your processes, evaluations and profiling of risks. Acumi will monitor all sources, looking for patterns, irregularities, inconsistencies and unusual comments, conversations and information that could be clues to potential fraudulent activity.

Many systems used by insurance companies today lack high quality data used by technology tools to fight fraud. Acumi is different in that the foundation is built on creating quality data from all sources of information. Acumi offers insurance companies the ability for to identify patterns and to alert insurers of potential fraudulent activities.

Acumi is your proactive solution for fighting fraud.