Reduce readmission and optimize patient outcomes for chronic diseases


Acumi™ solution for hospitals is software that helps hospitals prevent readmissions through early intervention and optimize patient outcomes from chronic diseases like Diabetes, CHF and COPD.

By having all the relevant patient-centric information available at the point of care, Acumi helps hospitals:

  • Prevent the onset of these diseases
  • Shorten any potential length of stay
  • Reduce the overall cost of healthcare for both the patient and the hospital

Acumi harnesses the best of IBM’s advanced technologies, such as Watson, to allow you to simply ask the questions. Acumi then provides you with answers ranked with its level of confidence. The more robust, comprehensive, and detailed the information, the more useful and accurate the answers. These are insights that you will not find in traditional analytical solutions.


Challenge: Costly CHF readmissions

Reducing the occurrence of high cost Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) readmissions for hospitals around the globe.

Hospitals Need:

  1. To have accurate and timely information about products, drugs, and therapies that perform best, based upon all the available information statistically analyzed for their specialty.
  2. Billing capabilities for re-admittances, due to problems with patient care during their hospital stay.
  3. To understand and be alerted to pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, or other equipment issues as quickly as possible.
  4. To know patients’ insurance status, changes in coverage, and propensity to pay co-pays and deductibles.

Problem: Analytics is only as good as data

Understanding the common predictors that lead to readmissions is key for ensuring that the optimal care plan is selected for each patient.


  • Analytics are only as good as the information it has to work with.
  • In healthcare, 80% of the most important information is in provider’s notes (often handwritten).
  • This information is not in the traditional Patient Care Records systems in any analyzable form.

Acumi’s role: Translate and analyze disparate inputs to predict and improve patient outcomes

Acumi gathers and transforms diverse information into a form that can now be used in predictive models, visualizations and reporting.  Acumi will help hospitals target and understand the high-risk CHF patients and enable quicker diagnostic accuracy, thus providing a better coordinated care management program to improve the patient outcomes.  Acumi provides the ability to continue to monitor clinical and operational information and alert providers of the propensity for their patients to be readmitted.