Provide insights on medical device use


Acumi™ can translate and analyze disparate inputs to provide insights around medical device use. Acumi offers unique capabilities to comb through various sources of information, including medical notes from providers who use the products on a day-to-day basis. Once organized by Acumi, this data can help pinpoint where the concerns are with the medical device.

Acumi can interpret the information quickly and provide insights around:

  • customer satisfaction
  • product defects or failures
  • proper use
  • overall perception in the market

Challenge: Customer dissatisfaction with medical device

Understanding the root cause of product issues or customer dissatisfaction is key for both manufacturers and healthcare providers.

In order to improve customer satisfaction, medical device manufacturers need to understand:

  • product issues
  • who is using the product?
  • what territories are most successful and why?

This information can only come from healthcare providers. Is this an actual product issue? Or a training problem? Perhaps the product is not being used correctly?

Problem: No reliable information about usage

Understanding the common predictors that lead to customer dissatisfaction is key.


  • Analytics solutions are only as good as the information they have to work with.
  • In healthcare, 80% of the most important information is in provider’s notes (often handwritten).
  • This information is not in the traditional medical record systems in any analyzable form.

Solution: Analyze disparate inputs to provide insights

With the help of Acumi, medical device manufacturers can monitor and manage key issues to ensure high customer satisfaction ratings. Ultimately, more patients will benefit from high quality medical products that deliver consistently with quality and excellence.