Understand results of drug and care program studies


Acumi™ revolutionizes the pharmaceutical and clinical research by providing an ability to analyze all available information, and providing unique analytics and visualizations of the patterns, trends and insights from a variety of data sources.

Sources of information can include:

  • clinical trial data
  • patient notes
  • social media and blogs
  • team rooms
  • various other data sources outside pharmacy and clinical systems

Use cases range from understanding patient satisfaction, patient outcomes, and care program results to analyzing secondary information for government and financial reporting.



Incorporating unstructured information from doctors, clinicians and patients into an analytical solution for pharmaceutical companies to get a better understanding of customer’s use, issues, concerns of drugs and patient care programs to improve patient outcomes.


What are the common predictors that lead to an unsatisfactory patient outcome?

  • Analytics solutions are only as good as the information they have to work with.
  • In healthcare, 80% of the most important information is in provider’s notes or recorded dictations.
  • This information is not in the traditional medical record systems in any readable format for typical analytical solutions.


Acumi has the ability to ingest, translate, enrich and analyze disparate data resources, both structured and unstructured, to provide a better understanding of patient satisfaction, patient outcomes, and care program results. Acumi can also verify information accuracy for government and financial reporting.