Patient-centered care enabled by data-driven insights


Patient-centered care and advanced insights is a focus area for DataSkill. Acumi™ uses data-driven insights and deep population analysis to enable patient-centered care processes.

Acumi is designed to enable improvements in patient care by:

  • providing robust insights
  • making patient history available at the point of care
  • delivering higher value and lower cost of care through personalized treatment plans

The Acumi solution for population health includes unique annotators to understand the voice of the physician and the story of the patient. Acumi combines advanced algorithms to analyze relevant medical information — including lab work, doctor notes, patient history, pharmacy and clinical data — with IBM’s Watson Content Analytics.  As a result, Acumi supports the delivery of customized treatment protocols, which help optimize patient outcomes and hospital profitability.

Challenge: Manage a holistic view of each patient in a community

The wealth of information collected on patients today is finally making personalized, patient-centered medicine possible. Leveraging such data across populations creates opportunities for prevention, early intervention, and lower cost of care. The challenge lies in meshing data from diverse sources and formats that include unstructured data that is rich and necessary for more accurate analysis.

Problem: Data resides in multiple systems and formats

We can only provide the best patient care when providers have all the accurate information available at the time of diagnosis. Today, doctors have to look into 5 to 10 different systems or information resources to get a 360 degree view of their patient and have a holistic understanding of the patient situation.

  • In healthcare, 80% of the most important information is in provider’s notes (often handwritten) or recordings.
  • This information is not in the traditional Patient Care Records systems in any analyzable form.
  • There are also reference materials, blogs, clinical research and pharmaceutical information that doctors need to reference when determining the right diagnosis and patient care program.

Acumi’s role: Analyze data across medical resources to create personalized treatment plans for patients

Acumi provides a centralized online healthcare community for doctors to leverage the wealth of patient information, medical reference materials, research, pharmacy and other related information collected across the healthcare community. Using advanced analytics and a centralized, easy to use platform, Acumi brings to reality a way for doctors to have a 360 degree view of their patient and all related information around their history, symptoms, diseases and care programs.  Acumi transforms this information into actionable, accountable case-based, patient-centered case management.