Improve employee retention


One of the top issues for HR is managing and monitoring their employee retention rates of top talent. Acumi™ can collect and analyze information in social media and internal communication vehicles and create profiles and patterns and turn that into a monitoring system to alert HR of employees that are indicating similar patterns. Companies can then become more proactive in their approach to helping employees cope and manage these issues.


Challenge: Understand employee sentiment

body_meeting_peopleTraditional methods of surveys and interviews are only providing HR with half of the story. The real story lies in what the employees are saying around and outside the office. What if you could crawl through relevant social media, emails, voicemails and chat rooms, and understand what really makes employees loyal?

Solution: Identify predictors of retention

Acumi has the ability to turn voice to text and pinpoint the relevant information in all social media channels, as well as understand inflexions in voice to interpret the meaning and relevance of the information. It can then turn that data into a database where its analytics can assess relationships and causes and predict outcomes.

Some of the interesting answers we have found are around career paths, employee environment and flexible schedules, not compensation and stock options, as many surveys seem to show. Mental health is another leading indicator of retention of top talent. Many companies now are interested in monitoring and knowing about potential issues with their employees for stress, burnout and even suicide or destructive behavior.