5 Tips That Will Ensure Your Digital Transformation is Successful!

There are many digital transformation success stories out there, and we have learnt a lot from these. We looked at some of these in more detail in our recent blog on “The Digital State: The digitization of government”. From these successes, we can identify five key points that will ensure digital transformation is successful for your organization.

  1. Remember that digitization is a process, not an event. It takes time and resources to successfully digitize government services – which means it’s important to have a plan for how digital government will be implemented over the long-term.
  2. Make sure you align your strategy with government priorities by taking advantage of new opportunities while fulfilling existing obligations
  3. Design the customer experience from start to finish. It is critical not to simply digitize inefficient workflows and expect to make gains. User research and information from customer-facing staff should drive the process to ensure that processes are both customer-focused and efficient.
  4. Use data analysis to inform decision making. Data is the fuel that powers government’s digital transformation and should inform how to invest resources, develop services, and update policies.
  5. Leverage Expertise. DataSkill’ s approach is to use artificial intelligence to understand documents and place the data into a standard format. When looking for a partner for our data capture solution IBM was a natural choice. DataSkill has been an IBM Business Partner since 1996. We choose IBM because of the expertise and technology they bring to the solution. With IBM Datacap, we are recommending an end-to-end solution that is highly customizable to the individual business cases. IBM Datacap is already providing time and cost savings and better citizen services, with more than 30% of US State Governments benefiting from its implementation.