6 Key Features of IBM Cloud Pak for Data

At DataSkill, our focus has been on helping businesses make the best decisions. We have been working with organizations to help them become more data driven. Unlocking the insights that the data provides is just one part of the solution, first the data needs to be accessible. DataSkill recognizes the need for trusted data to make informed business decisions. The challenge is to provide simplified access to the data while meeting regulatory requirements. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, DataSkill is recommending an end-to-end solution which automates access to data with no movement necessary. This data fabric solution has 6 key features:

  • Metadata-knowledge core – aids the discovery of data assets. This is used to power the semantic search. It helps provide a common business understanding of the data.
  • Self-service data marketplace – provides a data catalog that can retrieve data from across the enterprise. It helps data consumers to find, collaborate and access high quality data. IBM customers comment that IBM Cloud Pak for Data makes it easy to find, use, prepare and share data in a secure way.
  • Smart integration – offers a range of integration styles to extract, virtualize, transform, and stream data. It assists with data preparation and publishing updates to data products. Driven by data polices, it uses machine learning and automation to maximize performance whilst minimizing storage and costs.
  • Governance – automated cataloging and curation of metadata. It curates data and captures data lineage. This layer provides unified definition of data policies and enforces rules automatically and consistently across data. It is able to dynamically and consistently mask data at a user defined granular level.
  • Unified data lifecycle – end-to-end lifecycle management for the composing, building, testing, deployment, and management of various aspects of the data.
  • Designed for AI and hybrid cloud – an AI-infused composable architecture built for hybrid cloud environments.

To conclude, IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides an intelligent data fabric solution. It connects the right data, at the right time, to the right people, from anywhere it’s needed. It simplifies and automates data collection, organization, and analysis. Find out how DataSkill can help you get started with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Visit www.DataSkill.com/DataFabric.