7 Ways Your Organization Can Benefit from IBM Datacap

IBM DataCap is a data capture software that helps organizations collect, process, and manage information more efficiently. DataCap offers many benefits for businesses of all sizes. Data capture can be used to reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide employees with better access to information through mobile devices. DataCap also integrates seamlessly with other IBM products to help make your business run smoothly!

Advanced document capture

IBM Datacap supports multichannel input from scanners, faxes, emails, digital files such as PDF, and images from applications and mobile devices.

AI-infused intelligent processing

It uses machine learning to automate the processing of complex or unknown formats and highly variable documents difficult to capture with traditional systems.

Export to other targets

IBM DataCap has the flexibility to integrate with existing applications. It can export documents into formats like TIFF, PDF/A and HTML that are compatible with a range of applications and systems (both from IBM and other manufacturers).

Highly adaptable rules-based capture

With IBM DataCap, you can build rules based on business logic quickly using a simple point-and-click interface.

Role-based redaction

Enables documents to be redacted automatically based on the role of the requester to block out information according to a user’s specification. This feature assists with compliance.

Role-based job filtering

IBM Datacap can improve productivity by automatically dividing content ingestion workflow using role-based job filtering capabilities. Leading to time and cost savings.

Cognitive processing (add–on)

IBM Datacap offers capabilities such as noise detection, text line extraction, and intelligent character recognition to extract information from documents that are unstructured. It uses machine learning to automate the processing of complex or unknown formats, as well as highly variable documents that are difficult to capture with traditional systems.

To conclude, IBM Datacap is a comprehensive document capture and data extraction solution that provides your organization with the tools to meet its digital transformation goals. Find out how DataSkill can help you get started with IBM Datacap. Visit www.DataSkill.com/DataCapture.