ACUMI Advancements – Smarter By the Day

9/19/2017 – ACUMI’s IQ Achieves New Heights with Ontology Generation and Concept Extraction

The world of analyzing and interpreting big data is advancing at a record pace. Leading the charge is ACUMI, one of the most intelligent machine learning and AI systems on the planet. ACUMI not only intelligently understands the needs and connects the dots of virtually every industry vertical through its DataLearn and DataConnect solutions, it has just enhanced its DataFind solution with the most innovative Ontology Generator and Concept Extractor modules.

While human clerical and knowledge based workers strive to do their best when it comes to intelligently identifying and interpreting the leaps of data volume in today’s age, even the most skilled domain experts will inevitably fall short on time, resources and the necessary processes it takes to keep up with today’s big data challenges.

DataSkill’s ACUMI gives data a voice with machine learning, AI and predictive analytics. Its three flagship ACUMI solutions – DataFind, DataLearn and DataConnect – are equipped with pre-existing assets and modules including: algorithms, annotators, and visualization capabilities to work seamlessly across your organization. Unlike the human model, ACUMI avoids slow processes, errors and inaccuracies with the rapid ability to scale with consistency, efficiency and produce quality results.

Now, ACUMI’s most recent addition of its Ontology Generator to its DataFind solution gives various industries an even bigger opportunity to automatically discover lists of relevant terms and expressions from transcripts and written communications, such as chats, email, voice-to-text and other sources. The results are now providing higher cognitive accuracy in a shorter timeframe – using best-of-class algorithms to ensure clean and relevant results.

Further, it’s critical in today’s markets to identify and extract the most essential concepts specific to one’s organization – with high precision and accuracy. With ACUMI’s Concept Extractor module having now been added to its DataFind solution, businesses can now discover changing or newly emerging concepts.

Concept Extractor automates the discovery process rather than looking for it after the fact. It enables the enterprise to capture expertise of “knowledge workers” and apply it to the data, resulting in the remarkable ability to scale the expertise of top staff through automation.

This is the game-changing value of automation through AI. Across industries, Concept Extractor captures your analytical best practices – including clinical, legal, regulatory, customer service and administrative data. The information is then used to support annotations in cognitive solutions resulting in the ability to scale human knowledge and expertise, dramatically improve productivity, reduce errors, improve risk management and lower potential liabilities.