AITP San Diego – From Data to Disruption, IBM Watson Insights

DataSkill Founder and CEO is the featured speaker at AITP San Diego on the evening Wednesday, January 18th, 2017.

He will give a presentation entitled “From Data to Disruption, IBM Watson Insights” His presentation will include; What is AI and how did it start?

There are so many uses, from healthcare to cyber security. We are moving into virtual reality applications and will soon see their deployment in the autonomous vehicle market!

Nigel will lead in a discussion on Artificial Intelligence and how it all started. He will then share next generation solutions of how AI is making an impact in the areas of:

  • Healthcare
  • Cyber Security
  • Call Centers
  • High Speed Action Sports

This will be a thought provoking conversation with examples of where AI is today. He will conclude with a look to the future in virtual reality and the autonomous vehicle.

To view video please contact us here!