DataSkill’s ACUMI – Machine Learning and AI System is a Healthcare expert!

June 10th, 2017 – DataSkill’s ACUMI – Machine Learning and AI System is a Healthcare expert!

DataSkill’s ACUMI, a state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence system, has once again helped another industry vertical achieve higher revenue and efficiencies, while lowering internal costs. Following a short 3-4 week implementation program, UnityPoint Health (UPH), the nation’s 13th largest nonprofit health system and the 4th largest nondenominational health system, now has data analytics at their fingertips like never before thought possible.

UPH deployed the DataSkill ACUMI DataFind coding software, which harnesses the power of IBM Watson. The solution quickly addressed UPH’s efficiencies with clerical/billing to capture knowledge worker intelligence in ACUMI aimed at increasing revenue, accuracy, and improve the lives of staff and patient challenges.

By interpreting doctors’ notes in their natural language, it allows them to tell “the patient’s story” without having to learn the intricacies of coding and reimbursement systems. Doctors can now focus on the care of the patient and more accurate treatment, while coders enjoy a newfound increase in productivity and precision.

Today, UPH recognizes increased revenue by automating and elevating the coding and billing process, thanks to accurate data quality and risk analytics. The ACUMI coding solution, leveraging Watson, enable doctors to simply use their voice instead of navigating the EMR/EHR system. This results in a greater quality of coding and, most importantly, superior patient care.