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Engineering Lifecycle Management

Businesses today face numerous challenges that can impact their development processes and force them to rethink their approach. With the increasing demand for intelligent products and software, coupled with intense competition, companies are under immense pressure to enhance their development processes and stay ahead of the curve. Teams need to react quickly to changing requirements and collaborate seamlessly to deliver complex systems and products on time and with high quality. At DataSkill, we understand the importance of managing engineering efforts and ensuring regulatory compliance, which is why we recommend IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) as an enterprise-wide solution.
One of the essential factors to consider when looking for an engineering solution is its ability to address the entire engineering lifecycle. IBM ELM is a modular set of integrated software components designed to help teams manage the engineering process from requirements to design, implementation, verification, and validation. It provides traceability across engineering tools, giving teams visibility into dependencies and impact analysis. With automation, teams can work together faster with fewer errors, generating product documentation deliverables and making changes with confidence. IBM ELM addresses challenges related to complexity, compliance, distributed work, reuse, and traceability, and helps teams accelerate delivery, improve quality, and foster continuous collaboration while streamlining compliance.


Requirements Management

Requirements management optimizes communication, collaboration and verification for systems and advanced IT application development. IBM’s DOORS Family provides a scalable solution to manage changes and maintain compliance, improving project scope and cost.

Workflow Management

IBM Engineering Workflow Management is an agile project management tool that allows teams to plan, track and manage their work using custom or SAFe processes, resulting in faster release cycles.

Test Management

IBM Engineering Test Management is a collaborative solution for comprehensive test planning, execution, and reporting, enabling teams to ensure product quality and reliability. It offers end-to-end test asset management, from requirements to defects, and automation to speed project schedules.

Systems Design

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody enables teams to design, model, and simulate complex systems to ensure that products meet requirements and perform as intended. It offers a collaborative environment for systems engineers, supporting UML, SysML, UAF, AUTOSAR import and export capabilities.

At DataSkill, we believe that IBM ELM is an excellent choice for teams looking to improve efficiency, reduce development costs, and accelerate time to market. With this solution, you can deliver products faster, at higher quality, and meet your compliance obligations.

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