Enriched Mobility: Capture and Validate Documents Using a Smartphone or Tablet

It’s a new era for Data Capture. Data capture is no longer limited to your desktop but can now be done from anywhere with an iOS or Android device! IBM Datacap offers mobile capture and validation, so you never have to worry about being able to find the information you need when it comes time to submit documents. With Datacap Mobile, not only does capturing content become easier, but also more secure since all your sensitive data remains protected within the app until submission. Data capture has evolved- get a glimpse into what a future with Enriched Mobility looks like today!

Imagine that a customer wants to complete a bank loan application. Mobile capture enables the customer to submit the required documents (in this case ID and an application form) via a smartphone or tablet. The customer simply opens the mobile capture app and chooses the bank loan option. They are then guided to take a photo of their passport for ID and application form. By instructing the user, the software guarantees that the photo obtained is of the highest quality. The program uses machine learning to optimize image quality by cropping, straightening, and de-skewing the document. Next it extracts the required information and presents it to the customer for validation. If the customer notices an error, then this easily remedied by a manual correction or by selecting the correct information from the document. Data is then securely transmitted to the bank’s IBM Datacap software. For security, the submitted documents and photos are deleted from the mobile device at this point.

Mobile capture provides the customer with an intuitive and easy to use mobile solution (especially valuable if face to face contact is restricted). It delivers a better experience for customers, by allowing them the convenience of being able to capture and submit documents straight from their home using a mobile device. The IBM Automation Mobile Capture Apps are available on both Apple’s App Store as well as Google Play (Android Market). Alternatively, IBM Datacap Mobile includes customizable SDK that enables developers to embed Datacap Mobile functionality into their own custom-developed iOS or Android apps.

The benefits of mobile capture aren’t limited to the customer! By extracting information in real-time at the point of contact, it empowers the users to perform data validation directly – after all they are the ones who know the information the best! Data validation at the point of contact significantly increases integration into a case file or business process, and accelerates workflows for consumers, businesses and governments alike. Business processes can start more quickly, without having been delayed by missing or inaccurate information. Additionally, with the burden of processing and validation moved away from the workforce, employees are able to focus on business case nuisances.
More convenient than ever before! Securely capturing documents on mobile devices has never been easier with IBM Datacap.