Five Reasons Why You Should Go Digital

Do you still use paper documents for your business? If so, you are missing out on the benefits digitization can provide. Digitizing documents has many benefits to offer, including increased accuracy and reduced errors, improved speed and efficiency, increased competitiveness, lower risks due to better information security and compliance policies, as well as decreased costs. IBM Datacap is a data capture solution that digitizes all your paper-based documentation into digital files. With digitized document data is available in real time no matter where it is located or who needs it, at any given moment within your workflow process or employee’s workday. IBM Datacap gives businesses the flexibility they need to meet their goals today while preparing for tomorrow!

  1. Increase Accuracy – Information on paper documents often needs inputting into electronic systems. All manual data entry is prone to errors in transcription. Digitization can increase accuracy as the data is digitized and validated at point of entry.
  2. Improve speed and efficiency – Processing paper documents can take hours of human labor to extract information. When using paper document errors are often not spotted until further down the line causing delays in processes. With digital documents information can be made available to employees almost immediately, allowing them to respond quickly to the data and make smarter decisions.
  3. Increase competitiveness – In today’s digital world, customers are becoming more demanding. Being competitive means having high customer satisfaction levels. With 80% of customers willing to leave a business after a single unsatisfying experience, businesses must use innovative technologies to meet demands. Digitization is a way to make information readily available to answer customer questions and process applications quickly.
  4. Reduce risks by improving information security and compliance – digitization ensures that digitized documents are maintained and secured for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Digitization can make it easier to track, locate and access documents and data. Data can easily be redacted based on user privileges. Readily available data makes it easier to complete audit trails.
  5. Lower costs – digitizing paper at the point of contact reduces the costs associated with manual paper handling leading to significant cost savings. Paper processing costs include shipping, storage, document management, climate control, security. By automating paper-heavy processes, companies can cut their total cost base by 9% on average, according to McKinsey.

Are you convinced? Want to start your own digitization journey? DataSkill recommends the use of IBM Datacap complemented by DataSkill’s extension CATTURA. This is a cognitive capture system that uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning to automatically find, extract and classify important information from complex and variable documents. It analyzes content to understand information and context. It increases accuracy as it continues to learn. DataSkill has the expertise and experience needed for your digitization project. Visit for more information.