IBM Analytics Webinar Series

At DataSkill our focus is helping you make the best decisions for your organization. These decisions
are driven by data and through analytics and artificial intelligence DataSkill can assist in uncovering
the insights that will give your enterprise the competitive advantage.

In today’s fast changing world, organizations are facing increasing time pressures for decisions.
Everyone throughout the enterprise needs access to consumable data for useful insights. To enable
data-driven decisions, organizations need to overcome silos and encourage collaborations. They
need to eliminate the risk of inaccurate insights from data and during analysis. Plans and forecasts
need to be more agile to react quickly to market and business disruptions. IBM provides a solution to
these problems by providing a comprehensive Analytics product portfolio.

To help you discover more about how DataSkill and IBM can help you make better business
decisions, DataSkill are launching our first in a series of webinars on IBM Analytics. In our IBM
Analytics 101 Webinar we will explore three key IBM Analytics solutions:

  • IBM Planning Analytics with Watson
  • IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

We will introduce the solutions, their key features and benefits, and how they fit into an analytics
cycle that will enable better decisions and alignment.

With IBM Analytics, DataSkill are recommending Analytics solutions that use AI to accelerate data
analysis so organizations can go beyond the what and get to the why and what’s next with
confidence. Join us to find out more.

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