IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson – 6 Key benefits

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson is a complete Business Intelligence Solution, that connects data
from across the organization and harnesses AI to allow users to easily prepare data, analyze it and
report their findings. It creates data visualizations that not only show you where your business is
today, but also help you predict what will happen tomorrow.

Let us take a closer look at six key benefits of IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson.

  • Intuitive user experience – Use AI to help you interpret the data. Natural Language
    Processing (NLP) allows users to ask questions in everyday language in order to quickly gain
    insights into the data through data visualizations. IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson also
    features a built-in “learn pane” that uses IBM Watson Discovery technology, to provide
    contextual help to users throughout their analytics journey.
  • Fast answers and insights – The solution infuses AI throughout the analytics process, from
    data preparation to data analysis. With the assistance of AI, you can cleanse and combine
    your data sources in minutes. IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson has the ability to use
    intent-driven modeling to suggest the appropriate enterprise data necessary to solve a given
    business problem. The AI can then help you create targeted dashboards.
  • Full-service capabilities – IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson combines the tools you need,
    from operational reporting to smart data discovery, and shares them with whomever you
    want, all in one place. Together with the power of AI this helps knowledge workers become
    smarter and faster
  • Collaborate across all levels – IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson integrates directly into
    Slack as well as any email system. This allows data scientists or data explorers to use Cognos generated screenshots to annotate their insights.
  • Secure environment – Connect directly to the organizational data right where it lives. IBM
    Cognos Analytics enables analysis to be performed at near-real time, without having to
    move the data. This increases trust in the data and prevents creating data silos. The solution
    is built on strong and flexible governance that ensures data and insights are accessed by the
    right people.
  • Flexible deployment – Designed to scale effortlessly with your business, IBM Cognos
    Analytics with Watson is suitable for all sizes of environment from a single user to
    thousands. It is available on-prem, on cloud or as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

To conclude: IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson helps you make smarter, faster and more confident
data-driven decisions. Join our IBM Analytics 101 Webinar for a deeper dive into the key benefits of
IBM Cognos Analytics for Watson, its capabilities and how it can help you make better decisions.
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