IBM Datacap Version 9.1.8: New Features, Functions and Enhancements

What IBM Datacap version are you using? IBM has been releasing new versions of IBM Datacap with a ton of new features and enhancements. Version 9.1.8 is the latest one, this blog post will tell you all about the newest updates and how to upgrade to take advantage of them.

IBM Automation Document Processing (ADP) integration:

IBM Automation Document Processing makes it quick and easy to accurately design, configure and deploy document classification and extraction for any document type and format. As IBM Datacap user, you can take the advantage of ADP by using the action library.

Watson Knowledge Studio Integration for Insight Edition update

Datacap Insight Edition now supports Watson Knowledge Studio new Advanced Rules Edition (WKS ARE). Watson Knowledge Studio uses Natural Language Processing to create extractors for conversational text documents. Exporting these extractors to IBM Datacap allows the software to find information on a page without using zonal or lookup-based extraction. In order to use this capability, it is necessary to purchase Watson Knowledge Studio separately. Contact DataSkill to learn more about IBM Watson Knowledge Studio.

Updated cursive recognition

Cursive Recognition is available through the handwriting add-on. This latest update sees great improvements to the accuracy achieved for all handwriting use cases. Ask DataSkill for a quote for the Handwriting Recognition add-on, which will enable your company to benefit from this feature.

Content Analyzer and IBM Datacap UMS authorization

IBM Datacap has added UMS authorization to support the latest versions of Content Analyzer (required for Content Analyzer 20.0.2 and later).

Datacap High Speed Scanning Add-On

High Speed scanning can now be enabled in IBM Datacap Desktop, by installing the IBM Datacap High Speed Scanning 9.1.8 installer.

Datacap OCRPL Recognition Add-On

IBM Datacap OCRPL Recognition 9.1.8 is a new machine print OCR engine that provides full page recognition.