IoT Master ACUMI sets World Speed Boat Records with Captain Hook from Key West to Havana, Cuba

August 17th, 2017 – IoT Master ACUMI sets World Speed Boat Records with Captain Hook from Key West to Havana, Cuba

Today, several world offshore speed boat records have been broken from Key West, FL to Cuba and back. Thanks to a radically innovative and engineered monohull sponsored by Lucas Oil – and the highly intelligent DataSkill IoT Master, ACUMI – Nigel Hook’s SilverHook Powerboats, and carefully assembled Team, achieved record breaking offshore open water speeds of up to 168 MPH.

When Hook designed the boat, which produces 3,100 horsepower and a top speed of 168 mph, he set out to equip SilverHook with proven, predictive software. “My office exists on the open ocean, soaring across violent waters,” shares Hook. “To achieve peak performance, I needed data that was going to tell me what was going to happen before it happened.”

To achieve peak performance and build “the perfect monohull,” the SilverHook team deployed ACUMI DataConnect, the predictive AI software from DataSkill, which harnesses the power of IBM Watson IoT. The boat is equipped with 200 IoT sensors to instantly transmit biometric, mechanical and environmental data. The ACUMI DataConnect advanced machine learning model grows in intelligence—with every decision and every piece of data.

The world-record-setting SilverHook solution digested five years of detailed racing data, which makes ACUMI DataConnect the most intelligent team performance AI system in the world for offshore motorsports. ACUMI’s predictive AI alert system speaks to the SilverHook captain with voice notifications broadcast into his helmet.

This allowed him to avoid issues, such as blown motors and safety threats, before they occur. “ACUMI DataConnect enables us to capture the right data, make the right decisions and go faster—and it’s all done in split second time to give us every advantage to win,” said Hook.

Hook added, “With the right people and a vision to never stop exploring, ACUMI with Watson IoT is redefining what many had thought previously impossible.”