So you have DATA – Now what?


May 07, 2014

Below are details of a special CONNECT event held on Wednesday, May 7 at which Nigel Hook the CEO and founder of DataSkill was presenting.

Every company collects data. According to a recent Gartner study, 30 percent of businesses will be monetizing their information assets directly by 2016. Whether that data comes from customers or other sources – companies are increasingly driving value from the accumulation of data. 
Join us as we look at a host of issues around the data challenge:

  • Does Data Architecture matter?
  • What tools are available to drive data value?
  • The nexus between security and privacy
  • The pros and cons of outsourcing your data analytics
  • Finding end-use customers for your data


Mike Alfred – CEO, Brightscope
Nigel Hook – CEO & Founder, DataSkill
Ken Inman – VP Analytics, Neustar
Bob Nascenzi – CEO, eFinancial Communications