Use cases for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

DataSkill recommends using IBM Cloud Pak for Data to provide an intelligent data fabric solution. IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides a single integrated solution for your data management needs and will enable your organization to connect the right data, at the right time, to the right people, from anywhere it’s needed. It simplifies and automates data collection, organization, and analysis. IBM Cloud Pak for Data addresses several use cases.  These include data governance, multi-cloud data integration, MLOps and trustworthy AI and  360-degree views of customers.  These use cases are explored in more detail below.

Govern data for self-service

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data organizations can eliminate complexity by centralizing the definition of governance and privacy policies and automating the deployment and enforcement of those polices globally. This ensures data trust, protection, security, and compliance. It allows self-service access to trusted data, while reducing compliance risks.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data can assist your organization in enforcing data policies and managing compliance. It helps to ensure consistency and increase the trust of enterprise data. At the same time, it improves data quality by allowing you to view key entities and track lineage across structured and unstructured data.

DataSkill recommends IBM’s data fabric because it addresses business and technical user data pain points. It features an AI-augmented data catalog to allow business users to understand and locate the data they need. While its metadata and governance layer provides increased visibility and collaboration across a hybrid landscape. The ability to mask data at a user defined granular level helps to avoid biased analytics due to data restrictions.

Enterprises are using a data fabric to:

  • Automatically apply industry-specific regulatory policies and rules to their data assets
  • Quickly establish an environment for highly automated and consistent governance
  • Automatically secure data across the enterprise

Multi-cloud data integration

Multi-cloud environments have further added to the complexities of data architectures, making the unification and governance of data environments a priority. DataSkill believes that to unlock insight from data wherever it resides a modern multi-cloud data integration solution, that is part of a data fabric, is necessary. IBM Cloud Pak for Data offers a comprehensive data integration solution while maintaining unified, governed, and secure data principles.

Through IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM delivers a data fabric architecture that is able to accelerate time to value by democratizing data for AI, business intelligence and applications. It can eliminate data silos by providing access to data, regardless of where it resides. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data you can improve performance and quality while reducing storage and egress costs.

DataSkill recommends using IBM Cloud Pak for Data to:

  • Consolidate and simplify IT infrastructures, run anywhere (on-premises or any cloud), and automate data operations to deliver trusted data to business users
  • Prevent delays and disruption of mission-critical data through data resilience and easy data access

Deployment and trust AI models

Building successful AI models requires trusted data. Data Fabric architecture enables access to many types of data and sources within hybrid multi-cloud environments. It provides a unified architecture with governed data integrated throughout AI lifecycle for trusted outcomes.

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data you can improve collaboration and speed insights with an end-to-end data science platform. It provides access to more than 70 connections from IBM and third-party data sources, streamlining data access and cleansing. IBM Cloud Pak for Data minimizes model risk using validation to better meet compliance and security concerns.

IBM offers integrated, supported, and automated tools for model building and continuous delivery of models to production.

Some of the benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Data are:

  • Unlock Trustworthy AI starting with governed data access for data scientists
  • Automated MLOps infused with trust throughout the entire AI lifecycle
  • AI Governance by introducing transparency and monitoring for each stage of the AI Lifecycle



Customer 360

Our clients often tell us that one of their top priorities is providing a better customer experience. Customers are becoming more demanding and often expect a customer experience that is tailored to their needs. This requires knowledge of their previous interactions with the business as well using analytics to personalize their consumer journey. All the while, ensuring compliance with data privacy legislation and protecting against fraud.

A data fabric helps achieve high quality insights are available at every customer touchpoint, while balancing compliance requirements. IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables businesses to keep pace with competitive needs by providing 360-degree customer views. It allows professionals to focus on applying AI and Analytics rather than hunting quality data.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a data fabric architecture that utilizes modular capabilities to assist with the following use cases:

  • Customer Intelligence
  • Analytics for upsell/cross-sell
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Fraud Detection
  • Risk analytics
  • Operational analytics

DataSkill recommends the use of IBM Cloud Pak for Data to provide access to higher quality and more complete data, by consolidating data management tools and minimizing data duplication. In turn, DataSkill believes that IBM Cloud Pak for Data can lead to deeper and more accurate insights and ultimately drive better business decisions.