Why IBM Cloud Pak for Data?

DataSkill was formed over 30 years ago and is highly specialized in innovation and integration of technologies. Throughout our history data has always been at the core of everything we do. Our focus has been on helping businesses make the best decisions. We have been working with organizations to help them become more data driven. Unlocking the insights that the data provides is just one part of the solution, first the data needs to be accessible. DataSkill recognizes the need for trusted data to make informed business decisions. The challenge is to provide simplified access to the data while meeting regulatory requirements.

Enterprises are becoming increasingly data-driven and are looking to take advantage of the value within their data. However, studies show that in most organizations, up to 68% of data1 is not analyzed. The exponential growth of data means that data can be spread across different databases, files, data warehouses, and clouds, resulting in data complexity and a lack of data integrity or governance.

Data silos, hybrid cloud environments, as well as increasingly complex security and data privacy regulations are inhibiting the ability of organizations to derive the real-time, predictive insights necessary to create a competitive advantage. As the amount of data and data sources continues to grow, this problem is only becoming more complex. Many organizations have tried to meet this challenge by migrating their data to a central repository – an expensive, time consuming and risky solution. Or they have attempted to link the data using point solutions, another costly and complex solution especially when additional end-points have to be added. What is needed is a new data architecture concept. One that can connect dispersed data sources without moving the data, that embeds automated governance of data into processes, provides self-service access to data and is scalable. A data fabric solution.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides an intelligent data fabric solution. It connects the right data, at the right time, to the right people, from anywhere it’s needed. It simplifies and automates data collection, organization, and analysis.

This market-leading data fabric offers a range of capabilities in a single-integrated platform. It features elements that are designed to work together, providing a platform that is cheaper and quicker to deploy. Using AI and machine learning it combines data across multiple environments as if it were all from one source – simplifying data management.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data can assist your organization enforce data policies and manage compliance. It allows self-service access to trusted data, while reducing compliance risks. It’s cloud-native design and Red Hat Openshift foundations mean that IBM Cloud Pak for Data can be deployed anywhere including on-premises, hybrid cloud or private cloud.

DataSkill recommends IBM Cloud because is a single one-stop solution designed for data management, data governance, data science and AI. DataSkill believes that IBM Cloud Pak for Data can lead to deeper and more accurate insights and ultimately drive better business decisions. Please reach out to arrange a DataSkill consultation and discover how IBM Cloud Pak for Data can benefit your organization.