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ACUMI DataConnect

IoT analytics

ACUMI DataConnect leverages instant sensor data to provide predictive alerts—because real time is too slow in today’s connected world. The powerful solution gathers this data and combines it with machine learning, resulting in critical predictive notifications before a piece of equipment fails. ACUMI DataConnect works with any IoT device, whether it’s biometric, mechanical, environmental or mobile.

ACUMI DataConnect is a Guinness World Record-setting solution that ensures users instantly and predictively understand their equipment and IoT devices. It can capture sensor data through the most sophisticated communication networks, including satellite, open ocean, underwater and other rugged environments and terrain. For clients with device-intensive businesses, the solution dramatically optimizes environmental, operational and investment-grade responsibility and performance.

ACUMI DataConnect predictively monitors any device or equipment, either stationary or in motion, to interpret IoT signals on the fly. The solution then presents alerts and guidance for anything from safety and manufacturing lines to medical equipment, oil and gas, motorsports, cell phones or wearables. The solution allows machines and humans both to make the best decisions based on today’s complex data. Thanks to predictive alerts, users never have to say: “If only I had known.”

Key programs and functionality of ACUMI DataConnect include:

IoT Connector and Interpreter

This module captures signals at or near the source, which is possible due to multiple, disparate feeds of IoT data.
This is integrated to cloud-based systems for machine learning and human-guided updates. The solution then leverages the power of AI to improve the types of analytics where the equipment is performing. This has dramatic results in terms of maximizing the lifecycle and
peak performance of equipment, reduction of cost, and avoidance of fines through compliance and regulations. For many industries including oil and gas, public utilities, healthcare, and motorsports—investors are now demanding a much higher level of responsibility from their portfolio companies. They’re requiring these companies to understand what’s happening with each IoT asset, and then predictively determine how best to maximize performance, avoid or plan for breakdown, and minimize environmental and human impact. This module helps meet these critical demands.

IoT Processor

This module deploys smart processing of IoT data at the source—for consumption by downstream analysis and visualization components. It also improves the timeliness and quality of decisions by reducing the effort to understand and process streams of IoT data.

IoT Alerts Manager

This module automates processes, generates notifications and triggers alerts based on real-time IoT data. It also leverages cloud-based models and historical “big data” searches. The solution connects and communicates to humans in a variety of ways, depending upon the user’s environment. These communication methods include reports, graphical displays for enhanced visualization and even machine/human voice interaction (critical in motorsports and team performance environments).

The Squid

This module represents the central management system for disparate sources of IoT data. It ensures that channels are available at the frequency and in the format appropriate to each data consumer. The Squid is designed to reduce latency and load on the other modules.

The T3 Telemetry Guide

This module provides the blueprint for a functioning, end-to-end IoT solution. Each ACUMI module is represented and can be used as a template to assess requirements and develop your specific application. The current guide helped set a Guinness World Record by providing real-time telemetry and analytics to the pilots, crew and fans of high-speed offshore powerboat racing.