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ACUMI DataFind

Text Analytics

Predictive interpretations and decisions derived from unstructured data found in social media, PDF, voice-to-text, hand written notes and a wide variety of sources.

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ACUMI DataLearn

Knowledge Analytics

Predictive diagnostics and decisions regarding cognitively complex challenges, such as artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and behavioral evaluation.

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ACUMI DataConnect

IoT Analytics

Real-time predictive alerts and notifications regarding any equipment or device in motion, whether it be biometric, mechanical, environmental or mobile.

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ACUMI Success Stories

DataSkill is proud to have deployed ACUMI for these industry leaders.






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ACUMI and Watson Industry Solutions

Find out what ACUMI and Watson can do for your industry.
Ginni Rometty

DataSkill is one (partner) in the medical profession (area) helping hospitals. In fact they are helping UnityPoint Health in its reading of a doctor’s notes looking for missed diagnoses so they can be submitted for reimbursement to an insurance company. Okay – interesting. The interesting part is they estimate 30% was missed for reimbursement – BIG opportunity. But notice what Watson is doing is reading all this unstructured information to help them do that.

Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President, and CEO, IBM