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The Navy Communications Satellite Program Office leverages DataSkill’s PMToolbox for “intelligent administrative automation.”

Major government entities, like other large-scale organizations, generate massive amounts of data from documents, files, images, emails and projects. This structured and unstructured data is rarely optimized to its administrative potential.

The Navy Communications Satellite Program Office, based in San Diego, is responsible for managing the acquisition, integration, production, launching and testing of narrowband communication satellite systems. This highly skilled team utilizes the latest commercial advances in terrestrial and satellite technology to expand communications opportunities and capabilities. Militarily speaking, the mounds of data generated by these projects must not only be organized and accessible, but also secure.

The Challenge.

The Navy was tasked with embarking on a seven year, $7 billion program to build and launch next generation satellites, but the email-based method of managing the delivery and acceptance of vendor work was overwhelmed by the volume of documents and large, complex workflow of the approval process. The team needed to define a more efficient and collaborative workflow process, and then automate that process with a highly secure, accessible and intelligent solution.

The Solution.

After much vetting and testing, DataSkill’s PMToolbox was selected for “intelligent administrative automation.” The software delivers a unified, secure, web-based workplace for Navy and contractor personnel, providing a collaborative environment. Its electronic document-management system consolidates documents, risks, calendars, action items and contract data requirements lists

If we could give DataSkill an on-the-spot award, we would. Efforts to date have greatly exceeded my expectations.
– Program Manager, U.S. Navy

The unique solution merges human intelligence with machine decision-making, delivering the Navy intelligence in document management. “If we could give DataSkill an on-the-spot award, we would. Efforts to date have greatly exceeded my expectations,” reported the team’s program manager representing the U.S. Navy.

Today, measurable results show that DataSkill and the PMT technology has enabled this important Navy team to cut cycle times, decrease program costs and ensure 100% adjudication.

DataSkill benefits for government:

  • Provides a complete intelligent document-management system
  • Supports the construction and launch of next-generation satellites
  • Delivers a fully functional, enterprise-wide vendor and contract-management system
  • Contains a highly efficient workflow engine for complex approvals
  • Reduces headcount while increasing compliance in a highly regulated environment
  • Cuts cycle times, decreases program costs and ensures adjudication

ACUMI Markets

  • Government
  • Industrial

DataSkill ACUMI Product Suite

  • DataSkill PMToolbox Solution

ACUMI Product Suite – Cognitive Science Capabilities

  • NLP
  • Ontology Generation
  • Concept Extraction
  • Unstructured Data Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Machine Learning


  • On Premises installation of hardware and run over network
  • Cloud options are also available depending upon customer requirements