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Bring meaning to unstructured healthcare data with ACUMI and Watson.

The healthcare industry is drowning in unstructured data. Clinical notes and patient records, for example, are often
unsystematic and stored in disparate locations. Timely access to this information can improve patient health and even save lives. Improving patient outcomes, decreasing the cost of care and increasing revenues for the provider is today’s performance bar.

The creation of new data, both structured and unstructured, is overwhelming the industry and has created a blind spot for healthcare professionals. Data analytics is required to gain success around evidence-based treatments, medical coding and billing, behavioral science, population health and intelligent automation for clerical or clinical staff functions.

Give your data a voice.

DataSkill’s ACUMI software, powered by IBM Watson, provides predictive analytics models and functionality that grows smarter by learning from each piece of unstructured and structured data. ACUMI and Watson use machine learning, text analytics and IoT signal interpretation to give healthcare data a voice. This enables medical professionals to make insightful decisions immediately and predictively.

ACUMI and Watson capture clinical expertise from all key staff members, remove inconsistencies and scale optimal
decision-making throughout the enterprise without human error. Scaling these functions with humans is no longer
practical, cost effective or operationally responsible.

AI for healthcare is here. DataSkill and IBM are leading the way with proven, predictive solutions.

Experience predictive software.

Merging human intelligence with advanced machine decision-making, the solution frees medical institutions from relying solely on patient records to manage their patients’ health. It turns natural language from clinical notes and other new sources of data into predictive models that directly address the most complex challenges in healthcare today, enabling staff to focus on what matters most—the patient.

ACUMI, powered by Watson, is an award-winning software system that’s proven in terms of text analytics and machine learning. The solution goes even further and connects any kind of IoT device to ACUMI intelligent models—instantly capturing and interpreting sensor data from medical devices to dramatically improve equipment performance and patient insight. Even wearables using biometrics can prompt physicians to determine real-time next steps through alerts, which can also be sent to staff and patients.

Improve patient health.

More important than the administrative processes, overall patient care is greatly affected by how unstructured data is captured and used. ACUMI and Watson combine cognitive intelligence and biometric technology to optimize patient health. This is done by machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) in a scalable, predictive model. Other proven ACUMI solutions include the prediction of clinical aggression, medical coding and billing, disease diagnosis, cancer research, and intelligent document management.

ACUMI empowers healthcare organizations in the following ways:

  • Medical coding and billing to accurately bill and increase revenue
  • Chronic disease diagnoses by combining unstructured and structured data
  • Predictive models for human behavior (patient aggression, chemical dependency, etc.)
  • Interpretation of imaging records to effectively assist physicians
  • Intelligent administrative automation (AI for document management)
  • Vendor contract management and other labor-intensive tasks subject to human error