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DataSkill Company Overview

When predictive decisions, timing and outcomes are critical, DataSkill helps your business make the best decisions.

People count on your ability to make vital judgment calls instantaneously, and often even predictively. You can’t afford to be handcuffed trying to sort through an ocean of information, or decisions will come too late, be incomplete—or worse—be wrong. We look at these issues differently, enabling you to not only locate elusive and unstructured data, but also take full advantage of its value. And we do it predictively “before” real time.

Visionary people.

Inspired by Alan Turing’s legendary achievements at Bletchley Park during World War II, DataSkill surrounds itself with people accustomed to doing things that haven’t been done before. We’re not afraid to embrace the unconventional and take calculated risks. It’s how we discover new ways to look at data and how we improve the lives of people, patients, customers and employees.

Pioneering technology.

Most predictive analytics solutions only work with structured data. DataSkill is unique in that we’re able to scrutinize unstructured data and live signals from multiple sources and give them specific relevance in your world. We’ve developed a suite of proprietary products that enable you to predict the best course of action for a given situation instantly. This is made possible by our cognitive analytics and AI solutions, such as DataSkill’s flagship product, ACUMI, which transforms seemingly disparate details to meaningful intelligence to keep you a step ahead.

Detect. Predict. Act.

We don’t want you to ever have to say, “If only I had known.” Let DataSkill help you discover the truth your data is trying to tell and show you the path to immediate action.