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ACUMI DataLearn

Knowledge analytics

ACUMI DataLearn leverages predictive diagnostics and decisions regarding cognitively complex challenges, such as AI, deep machine learning and behavioral evaluation. This knowledge analytics solution is an easy transition from text analytics (ACUMI DataFind), as it models and produces neural networks and machine learning solutions.

Key programs and functionality of ACUMI DataLearn include:

Neural Net Modeler

This module provides an inventory of deep neural nets with topology optimized for very specific tasks, such as retrieval of knowledge base documents for distinct and complex problem solving. This is processed with exceptional accuracy to address a variety of industry
challenges, such as clinical aggression, customer sentiment, legal investigations, disease diagnosis, IoT and equipment performance, trade finance, and a variety of other use cases. The key benefit of this module is optimal automation performance for these tasks versus other (general and academic) machine learning algorithms.

Machine Learning Algorithm Builder

This module provides a set of algorithms for a wide spectrum of applications with tuning techniques that ensure optimal machine language performance. The benefit is delivery of a continuous stream of innovations direct to businesses through embedded ACUMI formulas, tools and processing routines.