What’s New in IBM Storage Protect Version 8.1.14

IBM recognizes that the backup and recovery landscape is constantly evolving, with new technologies, data types, and threats emerging all the time. That’s why IBM remains committed to continuous innovation in their Data Resilience solutions. They actively engage with customers, stay ahead of industry trends, and invest in research and development to provide cutting-edge solutions. This commitment ensures that IBM’s Data Resilience solutions are equipped to address evolving backup and recovery needs, giving businesses the confidence that their critical data is protected even in the face of emerging challenges.

In line with this commitment, IBM Storage Protect Version 8.1.14 introduces a range of enhancements that bolster data resilience and empower organizations to efficiently manage their backup and recovery processes. From an advanced web client and multi-site replication to expanded support for long-term data retention, this version provides essential tools to protect valuable data assets effectively. Let’s explore the key updates and benefits offered by IBM Storage Protect Version 8.1.14.

Rearchitected, Highly Secure Web Client

With previous releases of Storage Protect, IBM removed the web client for security reasons and then introduced a re-architected, highly secure web client a few years ago. Now, with Storage Protect Version 8.1.14, that enhancement goes even further with continuous improvements to the architecture and security of the web client. This ensures that organizations can rely on a robust and secure interface for their backup and restore operations.

The re-architected web client brings several key benefits to the table. Firstly, it enables help desk web client-based backup and restore scenarios, allowing efficient management of data protection tasks from a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it facilitates faster backups when protecting SAP and Oracle workloads, reducing backup windows and enhancing the ability to handle larger databases in a shorter amount of time.

Additionally, Storage Protect Version 8.1.14 introduces a “smart cache” feature, which significantly enhances restore operations from cloud storage, specifically object storage. The smart cache optimizes performance during restore operations, enabling faster restores and helping businesses recover their operations more quickly.

Furthermore, backups can be conveniently managed through multiple interfaces, including the Storage Protect Operations Center, VMware vSphere Client, or third-party software. The Storage Protect Operations Center offers breakthrough visibility and ease of use for backup administrators, streamlining the management of backup processes.

A notable addition to Storage Protect is the Open Snap Store Manager (OSSM). This feature provides a unified backup repository for both Storage Protect and Storage Protect Plus, offering a scalable solution that leverages the functionality of Storage Protect. By utilizing OSSM, clients can reduce costs as they no longer need to create and maintain a separate vSnap repository. Moreover, OSSM paves the way for the integration of Storage Protect and Storage Protect Plus into a single offering.

  • Key Benefits:
    • Help desk Web Client-based backup and restore scenarios
    • Enhanced restore functionality
    • Enhanced backup, archive, and retrieve functionality
    • Foundation for integration of Storage Protect and Storage Protect Plus

Two-Site Replication

Version 8.1.14 introduces the capability to create two copies of backup data to two backup targets. This two-site replication feature enhances data resilience and follows the 3-2-1-1 backup methodology. By simultaneously replicating data to two targets, organizations ensure the availability of a resilient second copy of their critical data.

  • Key Benefits:
    • Greater data resilience and protection against single points of failure.
    • Write data to two targets at the same time
    • Enhanced backup methodology with 3-2-1-1 data protection.

Expanded Support for Long-Term Data Retention

IBM Storage Protect now offers expanded support for long-term data retention with the introduction of Retention Sets. These sets allow organizations to automate data lifecycle management based on flexible policy rules, eliminating the need for additional copies. Additionally, the integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) enables automatic data migration to lower-cost storage as data ages.

  • Key Benefits:
    • Regulatory compliance adherence for long-term data retention.
    • No need for separate backups
    • Cost savings through the optimization of object storage.

Better IBM Cloud Experience

IBM Storage Protect 8.1.14 provides an improved experience for IBM Cloud users. The software can now be deployed automatically from the IBM Cloud Marketplace catalog in under an hour. The deployment process includes the configuration of virtual machines, disks, and object storage to match the reference architecture. The client retains daily administration responsibilities for the server.

  • Key Benefits:
    • Streamlined deployment process from the IBM Cloud Marketplace catalog.
    • “Bring your own” licensing (BYOL)
    • Follows Storage Protect blueprints

In conclusion, IBM Storage Protect Version 8.1.14 is a significant milestone in the evolution of data resilience solutions. With its range of enhancements, including the rearchitected, highly secure web client, two-site replication, expanded support for long-term data retention, and improved IBM Cloud experience, this version empowers organizations to effectively protect their critical data assets. By continuously innovating and staying ahead of industry trends, IBM ensures that businesses can confidently address the evolving landscape of backup and recovery. With IBM Storage Protect Version 8.1.14, organizations gain the necessary tools and capabilities to safeguard their data, streamline their backup processes, and achieve greater resilience in the face of emerging challenges.